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OCA Membrane Switch

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OCA window membrane switch is made by adding OCA glue and high transparent optical grade PMMA or PC lens on the back of window based on the traditional thin film switch with window. It avoids the dimple of the switch caused by pressing the window without lens, and avoids the rainbow pattern or uneven bubble on the window formed when the PMMA or PC lens is directly fitted by traditional technology. OCA window membrane switch after a certain dust removal, laminating process, and in the vacuum defrosting machine, defrosting pressure combined, so that the window has a flat, high clear and transparent effect.

OCA is one of the important raw materials for touch screen.Optical acrylic adhesive is made into no substrate, and then in the bottom layer, and then each layer of release film, is a kind of double-sided adhesive tape without matrix material.It is the best adhesive for touch screen.

High light transmittance (full light penetration >99%), high adhesion, high weather resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistance, uv resistance, controlled thickness, provide uniform spacing, long time use will not produce yellow (yellow), peeling and deterioration.

OCA optical adhesive can be divided into two categories: resistive adhesive and capacitive adhesive. Resistive optical adhesive can be divided into 50um and 25um according to different thickness, while capacitive optical adhesive can be divided into 100uM, 175um, 200um and 250uM.

OCA optical cement according to the different thickness can be applied to different fields, its main purpose is: the electronic paper, transparent device bonding, projection screen assembly, aerospace and military optical device assembly, display assembly, lens assembly, resistive touch screens G + + F, F + F, F, capacitive touch screen panel, ICON and glass and polycarbonate plastic material such as joint used for cementing transparent optical element (such as lens, etc.) the special adhesive.Requirements have colorless transparent, light transmittance of more than 90%, good bonding strength, can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature, and has the characteristics of curing shrinkage.Organic silicone rubber, acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester, polyurethane, epoxy resin and other adhesives can cement optical components.In preparation, some treating agents are usually added to improve its optical properties or reduce curing shrinkage. Suitable for fixed mobile display peripheral film, screen (acrylic, glass screen, touch screen, etc.).

1. Reduce glare, reduce the loss of light emitted by LCD, increase the brightness of LCD, provide high transmittance and reduce energy consumption;

2. Increase contrast, especially under strong light;

3. Surface connection has higher strength;

4. Avoid Newton rings;

5. The product surface is smoother;

6. No boundary, expand visible area;

How to choose the folding edit section

1. Thickness and hardness of bonding materials

2. Whether the ITO layer is glued

3. Whether PC and PMMA are glued

4. whether to fill the ink layer

5, aging resistance requirements

Edit this section by folding the application category

A soft substrate to a soft substrate

Coil to coil/coil to sheet laminating equipment is more mature

The second soft substrate laminates the hard substrate

Generally, there are positioning accuracy requirements for single lamination. Manual lamination may be used according to the accuracy requirements

Three hard substrate to hard substrate bonding

Generally, CEF is the most difficult to fit, and it is not possible to manually fit equipment: vacuum laminating machine, roller type laminating machine

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